YouTube and Social Networking

youtube marketingEvery business owner needs to have a presence in their marketplace. Social networking offers the perfect platform for vendors and end users alike. No matter what you’re looking for, from caterers raleigh to dirt bikes and pretty much anything in between, social media can hook you up!

A very popular social media tool is the video sharing website YouTube. There are millions maybe billions of YouTube videos roaming the web and everyone of them is free to make and upload. Names have been built, brands have been established with a 54 second video snippet or an hour and 54 second informational ditty. YouTube is a fun, useful, engaging platform that puts anyone’ who has something to say and who plays by the rules into billions of computers worldwide.

Created in 2005 by three former Paypal employees it was sold and launched in 2006 after being purchased by Google. It’s located in San Bruno, California. YouTube offers a forum for billions of people to upload originally created videos and to watch the video uploads of others. Interests and informational content run the gamut. If you can think of it, someone’s probably made a video of it that can be accessed on YouTube.

If you want training on how to change a tire or teach a course on taxidermy you can likely find it on YouTube. This ingenious social media platform is a place to publish, build your brand, build a fan base and put your heart and soul out there in creative content.

The guidelines for this social networking platform are very straightforward. The people at Google just want the general public to respect the rights of others and have fun. There is zero tolerance for bullying, hate speech, sexually explicit content or graphic violence. Google reviews every video submitted before allowing it to air.

If something slips by them, the viewer has avenues to report any unsavory activity and Google takes these complaints very seriously. Each grievance is taken on a case by case basis and held up to the scrutiny of the community guidelines. YouTube is a social media platform that supports free expression, but also adheres to a model of respect for their varied audiences.

You can shoot video and upload from your cell phone of your dogs playing with your pet orangutan in the backyard. However if you want a polished professional look YouTube has state of the art studio facilities in Los Angeles, Tokyo and London – bring your dogs and primates there!

Video sells. With over a billion users, YouTube is one of the most widely used and popular means of communicating of all the social media platforms. Social media is not limited to Google+, Facebook, Twitter – these are just three of the multitude of platforms available to express, brand and sell our creative and talented selves, but video is very powerful. Marketers know that more sales conversions are made from viewers rather than readers.

The world is tracking at such a fast pace that people want to take information in through pictures – moving pictures – video, rather than taking time to assimilate text. We are moving into a standard forum of communication that appeals to the public across a wide spectrum. Every news story in order to get any traction is accompanied by a video.

Gone are the days of just reporting an event in words. It loses the readers interest too fast. If an individual has the urge to tell a story, or promote a business or teach a class, video is a must to get the desired results. When was the last time you used YouTube? Leave a comment below or link to a video you’ve created.